Monday, March 30, 2009

Aine Revealed, part 2

As promised, here are some photos from my teenage years. First, a shot of me in school, looking so alert. I think this was 7th grade, so I was 12 years old. Sorry for the poor quality, but ya know, these are rather ancient. ;)

Next, for Sarah, who asked for proof of the cheerleading... the press shot (I'm in the back row, last on the right):

Here are cheerleaders at work. (What? You thought it was all about glamour? Puh-lease.) This is my friend and I (I'm on the left), on a freezing, rainy Thanksgiving morning. It was the last game of the season, and our team blazed out with an exciting zero to zero tie! Fun game, that one.

And lastly, my junior prom photo. I was 16. My brother-in-law fancied himself an amateur photographer...too bad he didn't correct for the massive flash shadows and reflection from the vintage wood paneling. :D


Aniket Thakkar said...

Oh what a leap from cute and cuddly to beautiful and gorgeous!

No wonder, Jason never puts your complete pic. He is too possessive it seams. ;-)

Seem like pics from Wonder years.
The cheer leading ones are very smart pics but have to give it to the prom one. Its breathtaking!!!

Must be one hell-of-a-lucky guy who took you to prom. And considering it was your brother-in-law who took the pic, am guessing it was Jason. How long have you guys known each other?

Am soooo jealous of Jason right now! :-) :-)

Sarah Hina said...

Aniket speaks the truth. Beautiful!! :)

I really like the 12-year-old Aine. She looks a little shy, a little dreamy, yet very bright-eyed and warm.

And yay on the cheering pics!! *does a round-off to celebrate* Um, ouch. :P Thank you for including those.

Your prom date was very, very lucky...and maybe you'll tell us a little about that night in the comments... ;)

These are great...can't wait to see the next entry!!

jaz said...

Aine, what I am struck by in these pictures is both the openness and the happiness reflected on your face. Neither looks contrived, or faked for a photo. Like the childhood pictures, you come across as so genuine.

The last one has a little more...hesitation, a little more reservation. I would love to know what you were feeling! Were you excited? Nervous? Thinking, okay, okay, enough with the pictures, let's get on with it? ;)

JaneyV said...

I adore that 7th grade picture if you. You remind me a lot of my daughter who is coming up to her 12th birthday. Still little girly, a bit shy, yet to be overwhelmed by hormones.

The cheerleading pictures remind me of all the rugby matches I went to sporting pom-poms and shouting till I was hoarse. I had more rugby-induced flu in high school than I care to remember. I'm just glad we wore jeans and rugby shirts - those cheerleading outfits look chilly!

The prom picture made me smile. You look so like Melissa Gilbert there. Half pint is all growed up.

Aine you are a great sport to reveal yourself this way. I love the way old photos give a little glimpse into the beings we once were, poised for life and so full of our vast potential.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I could just hug you in that 7th grade picture. You look so adorable. I bet you were so much fun to hang around with in middle school.

Great gams there, lady - in that cheerleading photo!

Beautiful prom photo! I imagine that you really haven't changed that much since then. And that glare on the paneling...are you sure that's not a halo? You are angelic looking!!!

Aine said...

Aniket~ Thank you! You are very sweet. :)

Jason and I met in college. This brother-in-law is my sister's husband.

Sarah~ Ouch! Did you wrap that ankle? :D

Yes, that 12-year-old was rather shy, but she was on the edge of breaking out of her shell. Well, more like forcing herself out. Lots of scratches along the way. ;)

Prom night? What kind of girl do you think I am? I don't kiss and tell... LOL!

Jennifer~ Thank you! Your observation warmed my heart! I was a very happy teenager. And I wasn't able to hide my feelings easily-- I couldn't win poker for trying! (But I had a competitive streak that made me want to try.)

Nervous! Yes, nervous! I'll give Sarah a bit more of an answer, too.

I was a quiet junior girl, minding my own business during rehearsal for the school musical "Grease." Out of nowhere, the senior guy who was starring as Danny plopped down beside me and asked me to prom. I practically turned around to see who was behind me, because surely he wasn't talking to me. So, yes-- I was nervous. But the night was lovely! He was quite a gentleman. And we dated for several months....

Janey~ Thanks! Yes, shy, pre-hormones, and still a tomboy. Notice the plaid flannel shirt?! I was probably wearing old jeans, too.

12 is such a magic age, I think. A solid sense of identity, grown from childhood. Lots of confidence. Starting to think about future interests and career. If only the dreaded hormones weren't about to crash the party! I hope you have loads of fun with your daughter (before she morphs... LOL!)

I once saw a photo of Melissa Gilbert in a magazine (some candid, paparrazzi shot) that actually made me do a double-take. For I moment, I thought it was a picture of me. It was a really strange feeling. I'm certainly no doppleganger, but there is some bit of resemblance, I suppose.

Kaye~ I loved to have fun! But I was also a quiet introvert and a serious student. Most of my middle school years were spent with my best friend, raising hamsters (she wanted to be a vet) and talking about our crushes.

Thanks for the compliments! Angelic? Jason should answer that one. :) I do have a dark side, but my parents always say I was the golden child (though compared to my sisters, it wasn't a hard title to uphold :P)

Anonymous said...

Not that I haven't seen these before, but seeing the "you" which led up to that mysteriously intriguing girl I met in college is always a treat. :) To see the "you" I know forming. Getting ready for that moment when we walked into the biology department library. (To clean it. Blech.) :p

Aine said...

Jason~ And quite a moment that was! Such a turning point. ;)

I hope I will always be mysteriously intriguing. :)

Chris Eldin said...

Thank you for sharing these from your past!! And ditto everyone! You radiate warmth and beauty!!

I love the 7th grade photo. My oldest is in 5th grade. This breaks my heart a little. A little...


Charles Gramlich said...

Man, don't we all wish we could maintain that wide eyed alert look for the rest of our lives?

Unknown said...

As everyone has said already, that 12 year old you is so completely adorable. It is wonderful to see your pictures as you developed into such a lovely lady.

Aine said...

Chris~ Thanks! :) I am staying optomistic that parenting those years will be fun. Watching them use the lessons we've (hopefully) taught to make good choices. (Okay, so I'm idealistic.. :P)

Charles~ Yes, many days I wish I could go back. I loved those years. And I remember vividly the summer that I changed. When I lost that sense of innocence (nothing drastic happened, mind you, just a shift in thinking.)

Catvibe Thanks, dear friend!

SzélsőFa said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. The rest of my thoughts have been all said by my fellow commenters above.

The cheerleading photos and also the prom night photo are of special interest for me - we don't really have these here in Hungary. Prom night yes, at the age of 18, but that is a collective event with on-stage productions performed by some of the somehow talented pupils. And there must be a party afterwards...I guess...
which makes me wonder about my own prom real memories of whatsoever...

Karen said...

Aine - You look so sweet in all of these. Of course the 12 year old is adorable -- so full of promise and expectation, but I think the others are equally revealing. The cheerleader you (still cheering on the rest of us) and the prom girl you, looking at the brother-in-law and the world with a look of calm understanding.

An aside - You and Jason must have beautiful children.

Vesper said...

What beautiful photos, Aine! Really excellent! Thank you for sharing them with us. :-)

Aine said...

Szelsofa~ Wow-- prom sounds like quite a production in Hungary.

Karen~ Thank you! It's interesting (and validating) to hear others' reactions to my photos. And, naturally, I think our kids are gorgeous--I'm not biased or anything... ;)

Vesper~ Thanks! It was a bit uncomfortable to reveal the face behind the avatar... but I'm glad to give my blog friends a picture to go with my blog "voice"!

(Of course, I still haven't shared a current photo... :P )

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

GAH! I missed all these posts! But love the photos! Thanks for sharing!