Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aine Revealed (part 1)

Aniket has challenged us to reveal ourselves (though I blame Jason for throwing down the gauntlet-- just had to show some skin, didn't ya, dear?). Aniket has complained that he's seen my legs and finger, but not the parts in between. Well-- here I am.

My parents used this photo for their Christmas card for my first Christmas. That's me-- the New Year Baby (we were 6 months old). Thanks for dressing me for the occasion, Mom! My brother was so roly-poly that they had to lean him against me to keep him upright.

And, here's another glimpse. I was 8. And had just experienced my first fishing trip. Notice the bountiful catch. That's unheard of in the back bays of New Jersey these days (so sad...).

That's enough for part one. Tune in next time for a teenaged version of Aine as we work up to the present.


K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Awww, how very sweet and cute you were at one. That picture is really adorable! And I think someone else was a little roly- poly, too! ;P

What a great smile at eight. Was Jason jealous when he saw your string of fish? I bet he WAS. This is a great idea. Can't wait to see you as a teen. What fun! Thanks, Aniket for initiating this, and to you, Aine, for playing along.

Sarah Hina said...

Off the charts on the cute-o-meter!! I love your mom for doing that! :) Happiest. Baby. Ever.

And I like the proud fishergirl, too. Not bad for a first catch. :D

I'm so glad everyone started sharing photos! It's been fun to personalize our interactions more. And I can't wait for Part Two of Aine Revealed!


Aniket Thakkar said...

Oh so lovely to see you and your bro. all cute and cuddly!

Anne Geddes would pay quite hefty for this pic. :-D

I wish you could see the smile on my face when am looking at it. :-D

And the one with the fishing trip is cool. :) I do believe that every man should own a boat. One day I will too. :) And your bro. is looking much like Matt Damon there, and you of course are looking very pretty without any effort. :-)

Eagerly waiting for you to grow up, in the series of posts I mean. :-)

Tee hee.

PS: Am so glad to have the blanks filled between the legs and the finger. :-)

jaz said...

Aine, these are awesome! The first picture makes me want to go back in time and squeeze both of you! Roly-poly perfection. And I love the genuine happiness captured in the second photo. No "say cheese" needed! :)

Looking forward to the teenage years...

Now I'm off to read the posts you mentioned!

Aine said...

Kaye~ Thanks! I was actually more of a fisherman when Jason and I met (at least with salt water fishing...) ;) We learned how to fly fish together, on our honeymoon.

Sarah~ My parents should get an award for that photo! I wasn't always a happy baby, apparently. I still hear the family stories about when I was 1 and wouldn't sleep. I cried for hours. They say I "just didn't want to miss anything."

So, will we see some more of you next? ;)

Aniket~ Wow-- Anne Geddes-- you're right. I hadn't thought of that, but it is kinda like her photos!

Matt Damon? Hmmmm. He certainly didn't grow into a look-alike! :)

That was the day I got hooked on fishing. My Dad rented a boat (basically a rowboat with an outboard motor) and we spent the day on the bay. I caught the first flounder, and my mom literally caught an old boot! :D

My Dad was in the navy, then in his 20s became the leader of a "Sea Scout" troop. But he never owned his own boat. I used to tell him that I'd buy him a yacht after I became a doctor. :) Of course, neither of those things happened. :(

But Jason and I have a 20' cuddy cabin! We've even taken it 10 miles offshore (for fishing, of course). Mostly we take the kids out on the Chesapeake Bay for swimming and tubing. (Jason has several Chesapeake photos on his blog.)

Anyway, I'm glad you are smiling! :)

Jennifer~ Thanks! That photo is precious, I must admit. All of us parents know how many shots were taken to get that one! :) (And in those days there were no digital cameras. Ack-- rolls and rolls of film to be developed!)

Yay! Can't wait to delve into personality stuff!

Anonymous said...

There's my little Laura Ingalls!! :) Yes, adorable pictures. And I'm not hating on the fact that you routinely kicked my butt in the fishing department. As I seem to recall, you continue to trounce me to this day. With the exception of fly fishing. You don't have the patience for anything as ludicrous or insane as that. ;)

Aine said...

Jason~ :) Thanks, sweetie!Just call me half-pint!

Yeah, but we wouldn't get to where the fish are without your exceptional navigation and steering! :)

And I'd prefer to watch you fly fish. Graceful line action, silent fly presentation, rippling biceps.... ;)

JaneyV said...

Oh Half Pint! And Elizabeth Walton! These were the names I was called on a daily basis growing up but actually - you really do look like Laura Ingalls whereas I just had tons of freckles.

These photos are just precious. The Christmas card is so gorgeous I almost feel broody (that old dream of having twins again). Little bundles of potential all wrapped up in, what we in Limerick call, Pudge. And then fast forward eight years and look at how all that potential is blossoming. We really are so fortunate to be of a generation that had photography.

SzélsőFa said...

Wow, nice pictures, Aine!
It's so great to look through old photographs every once in a while.

Unknown said...

Aw...aren't you just the little squishy twins!

laughingwolf said...


the gruesome twosome, indeedy :O lol

Geraldine said...

Ahhh...so cute!!! Loved seeing these and DO keep them coming..

Hugs, G

Aine said...

Janey~ Pudge is a perfect word! Should I apologize for making you feel broody? LOL-- I get such urges any time I see a newborn. Thank goodness Jason can slice through such insanity with a specific, piercing look at me.

:) I loved the Waltons, too! But Little House-- that show was truly part of me. I felt such kinship with Laura. And many of the episodes shaped my thinking profoundly. (I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was, to see that Michael Landon is believed to have been an INFJ...)

Szelsofa~ I had such fun going through the boxes of photos!

Catvibe~ My sisters were so glad that we were twins (no one knew there were 2 of us until I emerged instead of the placenta!) They didn't have to fight to take turns holding us.

laughingwolf~ We preferred the "dynamic duo." LOL Only I was often miffed that I had to be Robin-- he insisted he was Batman. Don't know why I didn't just declare myself Batgirl.... I do remember pretending I was Wonder Woman sometimes-- would've given anything to have that invisible plane and those bracelets!

Geraldine~ Thanks! Your wish is my command....

Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

your brother was roly poly?! What do you think you were? Rolling all over each other, little squishy babies… totally loved this post. Waiting for more.

Aine said...

Little Girl Lost~ Hi! Welcome! Yes we were both delightfully pudgy! :)

What I meant was that I was more stable, able to sit upright unsupported, at that age. But my brother wasn't, yet. My parents had to take many photos to get that one, because he kept falling sideways or sliding down. LOL So they propped him against me more.

Vesper said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet, and cute things! :-) :-) :-)