Saturday, May 23, 2009


Eyes of dusty green


strong line of jaw


feelings of rare comfort


darkest hours of night


souls dance together


You stood with grace and calm as I walked the aisle. Strength and intelligence, under the eaves of Victorian twilight. Seventeen years ago, at seven in the evening, you joined my life's path. Thank you for the magic, for the beauty, for the understanding.

For the love.

Happy Anniversary, my Prince of Twilight.

From the deep sea of Clouds
To the island of the moon,
Carry me on the waves
To the lands I've never been,
Carry me on the waves
To the lands I've never seen.


Aniket Thakkar said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Jason!

You are perfect for each other.

And what a Jasonic way to wish him Aine. :D :D

Enya is magical. I can't stop listening to Elysium and Only Time.

Best Wishes to both of you. And here's to many more.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Aine, the poem is gorgeous. I love seeing your creative side, and nothing is more inspiring than love.

Strength and intelligence, that is it in a nutshell, what a woman wants most in a man. Beautiful my dear Aine.

Anonymous said...

I'm blown away. :)

We are seventeen years young. Thank you for every one!!

I love you! <3

Kim said...

Happy anniversary to the both of you.

Aine said...

Aniket~ :D "Jasonic"-- I love it!!! Yes, that's one of the qualities that I believe we all love about Jason-- his clarity (ha!!-- couldn't resist!). But I mean that. He has a way of exuding a strong, consistent vibe that is uniquely Jason. In the 20 years I've known him, he has grown in many ways and in various and unusual directions, yet he still exudes that focused Jasonic vibe. He never appears scattered or an absent-minded eccentric, like many of his level of intelligence do.

Thank you for the anniversary wishes! And yes, I'll drink to another 17 (at least!)! Cheers!

Karen~ It's amazing how the years fly by. Thanks!

Catvibe~ :) Perhaps I'll start exploring my creative side a bit more. Baby steps.... ;)

Yes-- strength and intelligence are important, but I think of Shania Twain's Don't Impress Me Much lyrics: "but have you got the touch?"

I keep sending positive vibes out into the human ether for you-- you'll find a good soul soon!

Jason~ <3
Blown away by the number or that I wrote poetry?? LOL

Aine said...

Kaycie~ Thank you! We're lucky to have the night to ourselves this year-- the Brownie troop is camping tonight-- Woo Hoo!!

Sarah Hina said...

Happy Anniversary!!

It's a beautiful poem for a beautiful day (I'm with Cat up there--it's a gift to see this side of you shine!). And the song and memory capture that essence of your life together then, and now.

I hope the night is filled with laughs, memories, and magic. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Happy anniversary. Glad it's gone well!

JaneyV said...

Oh you made me fill up. That is such a lovely verse. Happy Anniversary to you both. I wish you continued love and happiness in your lives together. Hubby and I have been married for 13 years but we will be celebrating 17 years together in July. As it happens if anyone asks what age I feel inside I always think 17 too.

Congratulations to you both. xxx

Anonymous said...

I remember your beautiful twilight ceremony like it was yesterday. I was so proud to be included. Happy Anniversary, you two!

With love and best wishes-

Aine's matron of honor

Margaret said...

What a beautiful poem Aine.

Happy Anniversary to you both. You picked a beautiful song. I love Enya's music!

May you and Jason enjoy years & years of happiness together.

Aine said...

Sarah~ Thank you, dear friend! I believe every couple has a unique magic. It's a bonus that we humans are lucky to have.

We dined at a rooftop restaurant last night. Nature provided entertainment: a lightening show in the distance! Just beautiful.

Charles~ It's work at times. Seventeen years is a long time to hold onto magic. But it is worth it!

Janey~ But...I thought you are seventeen! ;) Thank you for the warm wishes. Hard to believe the number of years, isn't it?

My matron of honor~ Hi!!! I'm so happy to see you here! Thank you for all the ways you added to the magic that night. You grounded me in a very special moment before the ceremony-- a moment that is chiseled in my memory. You were so wise.... Thank you, my dearest and oldest (not in age!!) friend.

Margaret~ Thank you! We fell in love with that song playing in the background. I suppose it's the closest we have to "our song".

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Oh Aine! I missed this! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! 17 years - that is beautiful and precious!

laughingwolf said...

hey, grats to both of youse! :)

Aine said...

Ello~ Thanks! I'm trying not to let the number make me feel old. :P

laughingwolf~ :) It's been a ride....

jaz said...

Aine, this is tear-inducingly beautiful. And so romantic! Happy anniversary!!!

Also, wanted to let you know that I got the results I was waiting for and everything is fine. Such a relief!! Thanks for your support!!

Aine said...

Jennifer~ Oh good! I am relieved. Thanks for letting me know.

I just hope everything else settles down for you. I miss your regular blogging... You know we've all got your back! :)